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Joomanager can literally give your site infinite listing possibilities. Your directory site can be geared towards whatever industry you are targeting. These directory sites can include list directories such as automobiles, or selling homes. By the simplest definition, Joomanager is a Joomla component that gives your site the ability to list multiple items in multiple categories in a directory layout.

The component allows for the creation of custom fields so you can have an unlimited number of attributes associated with a particular item. These attributes are defined in the administration area of the component and can be geared towards any type of site. For example a site that sells/lists: cars, boats, motorcylces, houses and whatever else you can think of.

Custom Fields

Custom Fields
With custom fields you can customize Joomanager to your needs.

Joomanager can create an unlimited number of custom fields for descriptions, prices, images, radio buttons, WYSIWYG editors, attachments, hyperlinks, etc. With this flexibility you are not limited to a real estate site or a directory listing site but, with the flexbility of creating your own custom fields, you can create a site geared toward whatever you need.

Google Maps Integration

Google Maps
On each item detail page of Joomanager you can choose to enable or disable Google Maps

In the admin side of each item you can enter an address. If you leave this field blank Joomanager will automatically look to the item title for an address. When you do a search via the Joomanager search module we also have a button that allows you to show all your search results on a Google Map. Check out the Joomanager demo to test this out live.

Ad System and Payment Gateways

Payment Gateways
Joomanager items work off an ad system. What this means is that each item created in the admin is placed under a "free" add status. But if you users to add items on the frontend and have them pay to post items in categories then you can create a "paid" ad in the backend of Joomanager. This "paid" ad can be set to expire or not to expire, you can set it to allow the user to publish to all categories or specific categories.

You can choose between the following payment gateways: Paypal, 2Checkout and Google Checkout. Note that Google checkout requires you to have an SSL cert on your web server in order for it to function, Paypal and 2checkout do not require this.

Pull MLS listing through RETS (Beta)

If you have login access to MLS listings you can import them into Joomanager via the administration area of Joomanager. You would enter a URL and username password combo to import.

You can set how often to update your listings in hours. After importing you also are able to add custom fields to each MLS listing imported.

RETS is currently in Beta mode due to some users not able to connect to their RETS servers. We are looking into a solution that will work 100% across the board. Refunds are available if you aren't able to connect to your RETS server.


Social Media
On each item detail page there are social media buttons that you can either enable or disable under each item admin area.

Item ratings and reviews

If a user is logged in they can rate from 1-5 and leave comments on items.

You can set the comments to automatic publish or manually approved by the administrator.

Templating System

Templating System
The Joomanager templating system allows you to assign a template to the category, item list, and item detail pages. Each page can be individually set to a template.

Joomanager includes three templates for each page that you can choose from. A template is comprised of basic HTML and can easily be edited with a basic knowledge of HTML. No PHP programming skills are required.

Contact Seller Form

Contact Seller
On each item detail page you can either choose to show or hide a contact seller/lister form on a individual product basis.

Each form includes a verification image that the user must enter before submitting the form. This form prevents spam attacks on your site via this contact form. Once a user submits their request through the contact form, an email will be sent to the Joomla user account that created this particular item. Also, there is an area in the Joomanager configuration where you can enter an email address that all forms will be sent to.

Add Items on Frontend

Adding items
Once logged in a user can add items to any category he desires. Once the item is added the user can only edit the items that were added by their username. The site administrator can edit all items added. Each user can manage their items added from their profile page. On this page they can renew paid items, check item status if pending or not and see when items expire.

SEF URLs with sh404SEF

Joomanager has SEF URLs via the Joomla component called sh404SEF. We provide a plugin that you simply extract to your Joomla site once sh404sef is installed. You can find out more information on getting the component by clicking here. We don't this component here at Joomanager, its a 3rd party component that you would need to purchase separately.

Modules Included

The Joomanager component includes four modules that can be installed. A category module, search module, browse module, and a featured items module. To find out more about the details of each module check out the Modules menu item under the Features menu item at the top of this page.

Quick Overview

  • Unlimited custom fields defined via Joomanager, you customize Joomanager to your needs!
  • You define price, description fields, website URLs etc
  • Translation via Falang (definition files included)
  • Item images displayed with lightbox
  • Add items via frontend of the site
  • Set items to featured with one click in the admin of Joomanager
  • Set image proportions for: category, item list and item detail thumb/large images
  • Unlimited Category levels
  • Breadcrumb navigation
  • RETS / MLS housing database integration
  • Google Maps
  • Allow users to rate items and leave comments
  • Joomanager is responsive
  • Joomanager templates are also responsive ready
  • Responsive Joomla template included
  • Pay to post items feature with following gateways:
    • 2Checkout
    • Paypal
    • Google Checkout
  • Pay to post based on ad system, unlimited number of ads
  • Search results can be shown on Google map
  • Search results shown as item list page with seperate template
  • Order of search field items determined by backend custom field order
  • Search module updated to search in a specific category
  • New custom fields:
    • Attachments
    • Hyperlinks
  • Ability to assign items to multiple categories
  • Able to assign items to multiple categories
  • Joomla params on each item in the admin (publish date, create date, metadata, etc
  • New Profile Page:
    • Manage your alerts
    • Manage items, renew, check status and edit
  • Valid XHTML Markup
  • Valid CSS Markup
  • Contact seller form on each item (can be hidden or shown)
  • Contact seller form includes image captcha to prevent spam
  • Compatible with all major browsers
  • Runs on a templating system to allow for various themes
  • There are three theme files: one for the category page, one for the item list page and one for the item detail page

What's in a membership?

  • Joomanager component, modules and templates
  • Joomanager quick install
  • PDF Manual
  • 1 year of access to the downloads
  • 1 year of free support via the forum
  • 100% access to source code
  • Any additional templates/addons released

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Quick Install

Quick Installs Included:
A quick install is a regular Joomla install packaged with the Joomanager component, modules and demo template. With a few clicks your site will mirror the demo of Joomanager.

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Current Compatibility

Joomanager is currently compatible with Joomla 3.0+.

Joomla 2.5 version is available but no longer supported or updated as of 3/2015

Joomla 3.0 version, tested up to PHP version 5.5.12
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